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    June 28th, 2013

    samsung fridge tabletAppliances are obviously a necessity in any home, but lately it seems that even the most basic of appliances are not basic anymore.

    Take for example the ordinary fridge. Just a few decades ago, who would have thought that something you put in to keep things cold and avoid spoilage would sport 8” LCD displays that come complete with apps and a Wi-Fi connection?! Outrageous? Not really, because this super smart fridge is already available at Samsung for $3699.

    While not everyone can afford to have a refrigerator with its own tablet computer in their flat, you can bet that there are plenty of other smart appliances you can buy today or at least want enough to save up for. From robot vacuum cleaners to smart washer and dryers, appliance manufacturers are ready to take your flat to the next level with their latest product lines. The only question is: are you?

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    May 28th, 2013

    Finding a flat with Zumper is a breeze, but why open your laptop when you can find an equally great flat on your iOS device making apartment hunting even more convenient?

    keyzio profileKeyzio is a really cool mobile app that lets you list your home in their “open marketplace” as well as look at other people’s listings. The great thing about Keyzio is that it allows user to “soft list” their properties so that those who intend to put their homes for sale in the future can already give interested buyers a heads up. This feature is especially great for homebuyers since there will be less room for regret brought by purchasing a home only to find out that the one next to it, and that you like better, is about to go up for sale in a couple of weeks. Keyzio also impresses in terms of usability, giving key information at a glance and making managing your profile and properties also really easy. And yes, it also uses maps to give you an overview of available listings.

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    May 13th, 2013

    Owning and having that opportunity of designing one’s home may get overwhelming at times. This then results to a person overdesigning and worse, overspending. It is important for one to see that indeed a house is made for one’s convenience and comfort but still there will always be limitations in its use. This is the case for those whose income is just at the average and needs still has other priorities and expenses to consider. One must always first focus on attaining those necessities in a home. These necessities pertain to things that one needs in a daily basis such as a bedroom, kitchen with the needed stove, refrigerator, bathroom, and others. There are more to this kinds of needs that people should first take into consideration then if an opportunity comes that that budget is not all used up or extra money comes on hand, then one can go beyond those necessities.

    May 13th, 2013

    People have varying tastes and preferences on the aspect of designing a home. There are those that are into modern styles or the use of striking colors. Nonetheless, there are bases for these differences in preferences and these are interest and cost. When we own a house, our first instinct, of course, is to picture that dream design that we have been wanting for years. Then we start working with an interior designer where we get the chance to explain what we want in detail. These ideas and specific details are all in fact based in our interest. For example, one has this interest on light colors. With this, he or she makes sure that the house is patterned after those colors. Though, it is not always the case that one gets to push through with all ideas and interest in mind. Cost will always be in careful consideration. This is when compromising is needed. We need to compromise in such a way that we are open to alternatives.

    May 13th, 2013

    Deciding to live alone is a risky yet life changing choice that one makes in his or her life. It is definitely life changing mainly because numerous factors are affected such as one’s extent of needs and wants and everyday relationships. Those people who decide to finally live independently actually have similar reasons behind such decision and these are usually on the aspect of aiming to prove one’s self and another is because it is needed. There are in fact those that live independently to prove that indeed they can handle their self and their life is independent of that of others. On the other hand, there are those that live independently because it is needed. This is usually the case when one’s work is far from home and for practicality reasons, it is done. No matter what one’s reason may be, it is important to know that living independently doesn’t only go with one being proud and contented but it as well paves way for essential life learning and realizations.

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    by Hannah
    May 13th, 2013

    Everyone dreams and aims to own their very first apartment, condominium, flat, or house. A lot wonder how such dream can be attained in a much faster way. A struggle on which career should one pursue to make such possible. The answer to this is simple, work on your dream. Planning and simply hoping for something you want are never enough because it is a fact that you are responsible for your own future and these include your obligation to provide for your needs. Every person needs a place to live, to rest; a place where one can feel comfortable and secured. Owning your own home is never that easy and indeed involves a process that is plainly dependent on one’s actions. Owning a home involves much commitment, perseverance, and hard work which all goes with a person’s want of having that life of convenience which results from one’s determination.

    April 26th, 2013

    zumper logoThere are plenty of online real estate apartment finders that can help you look for a new place to live, but with Zumper, finding a new flat to live in has never been easier.

    Zumper is an innovative map-based online flat finder, that allows you to narrow down your choices in just a few clicks. Once you get to the website, all you need to do is choose the city you need and the city map showing all available listings will load. Currently Zupmer is only available in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

    You can narrow down your search without having to type in anything by clicking on your choices. You can choose the age of the listing, apartment size/type (studio to 5-bedrooms), your price range, and pet options. The map will change to reflect areas where such apartment units are available and clicking on an area will zoom in the map to show actual locations for each listing. Clicking on the listings will show its details including a photo.

    With Zumper, you can really find the perfect flat fast on your computer.

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    March 20th, 2013

    201311_Candle_holders_candlesYou don’t need to attend a Thai school or Thai classes to be creative for your flat, even a simple candle holder can do the trick. Candles have been used by people for different purposes like brown-outs, romantic dinners, religious ceremonies and other special occasions. They are now one of the decorations that can easily catch a visitor’s eye, whether they are lit or not. But the beauty of the candle is not complete without its holders.  In fact, candle holders are use not only to hold our candles but also for decorative purposes.

    Glass candle holders come in different colors, designs and sizes. Most people prefer this type because it gives additional glow to candle when light is reflected from it. The more colorful a glass candle holder is, the more beautiful the light being radiated. Glass candle holders are perfect for romantic dinners.

    Glass candle holders also have different types. The glass votive candle holder – which are commonly found in churches; the glass hurricane candle holder – which have enclosure to protect the light from blowing wind; and glass pillar candle holders – which allow the candle to burn efficiently while also protecting it.

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    February 24th, 2013

    house sold signsFinding the perfect flat to rent or buy can be really hard. This is true whether you like the more popular clean and modern look or classic and spacious apartment units. With so many flats available in so many different locations, narrowing it down to the more promising ones can be quite time consuming.

    One way to cut down on time and effort for your flat hunt, get the services of a real estate broker and be very specific about what your are looking for. Let the professional do the initial legwork for you so that you only need to check out a handful of flats that all already meet your requirements.

    If you are not yet that invested in finding a new flat though, you can start by scouting available flats online. Go online on your computer and look at some photos on real estate listings. You can even check out what the flat looks in greater detail by viewing 3D videos or online open houses so that you save yourself the effort of going from one location to the next.

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    January 24th, 2013

    home security systemLiving in an apartment building can mean perks like a shared security system in the hallways. However, these security systems are usually easy to circumvent, besides many flats do not come with such systems. If you live in a flat, one of the things you should definitely consider doing is installing a security system for your unit. Remember that as a a building with plenty of tenants, it is very easy for guests of other units (or those pretending to be guests) to go ahead and enter yours instead.

    The good thing these days is that there are plenty of DIY security systems that you can buy in hardware stores. Installing security cameras are not that hard. It is also really easy to download apps and software to configure the security system to work on your computer or your mobile phone. This way you can keep an eye on your flat wherever you may be without spending tons of money or hiring a security expert. So don’t spend all your money retrofitting your flat just for looks but also for your security.

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