.keyzio:Convenient Flat-finder on Your iPhone*

Finding a flat with Zumper is a breeze, but why open your laptop when you can find an equally great flat on your iOS device making apartment hunting even more convenient?

keyzio profileKeyzio is a really cool mobile app that lets you list your home in their “open marketplace” as well as look at other people’s listings. The great thing about Keyzio is that it allows user to “soft list” their properties so that those who intend to put their homes for sale in the future can already give interested buyers a heads up. This feature is especially great for homebuyers since there will be less room for regret brought by purchasing a home only to find out that the one next to it, and that you like better, is about to go up for sale in a couple of weeks. Keyzio also impresses in terms of usability, giving key information at a glance and making managing your profile and properties also really easy. And yes, it also uses maps to give you an overview of available listings.

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