.gettingthe Most Out of Small Spaces*

If you think your flat is small, try complaining to Beijing workers who are currently renting out 30 square feet rooms in in a what was once a 3-storey duplex. You can bet that they’ll look at you in askance as your own flat, unless it is equally small (We seriously doubt that!), would seem like a luxury apartment to them.

If you feel quite cramped in your own space and cannot afford to rent a bigger flat, all you can do this is make the most of your space. You can do this by carefully selecting your furniture so that major pieces serve a double purpose. You can also have a loft-type bed built so that the space underneath will be usable.

Add touches to liven up your space such as greening your flat with a hanging plant or two. Just make sure you don’t bring in huge useless decorative items that will eat up even more space.

Image via Tripp