.letYour Flat Shine Bright with Glass Candle Holders*

201311_Candle_holders_candlesYou don’t need to attend a Thai school or Thai classes to be creative for your flat, even a simple candle holder can do the trick. Candles have been used by people for different purposes like brown-outs, romantic dinners, religious ceremonies and other special occasions. They are now one of the decorations that can easily catch a visitor’s eye, whether they are lit or not. But the beauty of the candle is not complete without its holders.  In fact, candle holders are use not only to hold our candles but also for decorative purposes.

Glass candle holders come in different colors, designs and sizes. Most people prefer this type because it gives additional glow to candle when light is reflected from it. The more colorful a glass candle holder is, the more beautiful the light being radiated. Glass candle holders are perfect for romantic dinners.

Glass candle holders also have different types. The glass votive candle holder – which are commonly found in churches; the glass hurricane candle holder – which have enclosure to protect the light from blowing wind; and glass pillar candle holders – which allow the candle to burn efficiently while also protecting it.

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